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Posted on November 10, 2021

Veterans Day is Tomorrow

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Veterans Day is Tomorrow


Veterans Day is observed every November 11th in honor of those who served in our Armed Forces since 1919 when President Wilson instituted it after WWI.  There are many traditions that people participate in on Veterans Day.  Traditionally, there are parades honoring those who served and are highly attended. 


Another fun tradition is to ship cookies overseas.  It’s a great way to honor those who are serving by sending them a homemade gift.  Operation Cookies is a veteran owned and operated business that supports military stationed all over the world.  Please check them out and consider sending a special something as a thank you to those who serve.  (even better they are based out of Pittsburgh).

During the month of September, we collected for our troops and send a few hundred dozen cookies overseas to them during the month of November as a thank you.  We highly recommend you consider sending a little something special to them as well.

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