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Posted on March 13, 2019

Top 5 vegetables to grow in your garden this Spring!

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With the days getting longer and warmer, many find themselves thinking about what to plant in their garden. Take consideration in the value of the produce, the likely amount of production, the garden space required, and the general desirability of the produce.

Here are the 5 most valuable things to plant in your garden this year.


1. Lettuce/Mixed Greens/Spinach

It would be wise to grow whatever green, leafy base that your favorite salad requires. Lettuce, mixed greens, and spinach can all be pretty pricey in the produce aisle at your local market. Since they're often found bagged or boxed, pre-washed, and free of stems, you're usually paying for convenience with these items. But if you plant them yourself, you'll know exactly what you're getting and just how clean it is.


2. Cherry Tomato

There's something very satisfying about biting into a juicy tomato you grew in your very own garden. Since cherry tomatoes are small, people tend to go through them quickly. No longer will you be paying for each box when you can pick what you need from your very own garden.


3. Garlic

As one of the most expensive items to buy at your local market, growing it yourself would be a much better plan. Whether you're buying the full cloves, the striped cloves that are pre-washed, or the pre-minced garlic, you're paying more for this plantable item than necessary. Something you may not know about this vegetable is that you can grow it as a perennial to prevent from havingto replant it every year.


4. Onion

Onions might not be an item that you feel like you're spending a lot on, but just because you're used to a low price doesn't mean you need to pay it. Over Time, you’ll be saving money over time by growing your own onions.


5. Bell Peppers

Watching a bell pepper grow in a garden is…Entertaining! They start small, then they grow in length and width, and then the finale is when their color shines through the pale green. Depending on how long you let them ripen, you'll get red, orange, yellow, or green. But when you buy these in-store, you're paying a premium. So why not save some cash and grow them at home?


Growing your own plants

No room in your garden? You can start these plants in containers on a balcony or patio.

Another thing to consider when choosing the valuable things to grow in your own garden is the space that is required per plant. Plants that take up less room work best in small gardens, and smaller plants allow for more variety in any size or garden that you have to work with.


~the Brennans

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