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Posted on March 16, 2022

Spring Cleaning Tips 2022

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Spring is finally here and with the beautiful weather comes the dreaded spring cleaning.  Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start and clean home.  Here are 10 helpful hints to help spring cleaning go smoothly.


  • 1.   Formulate a plan and set reachable goals: write down the areas that need some attention in order of priority and then come up with a plan for each area.
  • 2.   Evaluate and purchase necessary cleaning supplies: review your cleaning supplies and make a list of other supplies needed to avoid delays once started.
  • 3.   Tackle one area at a time: Cleaning and organizing the whole house can be extremely overwhelming so break it down into areas.
  • 4.   Reward Yourself: once you’ve completed an area, reward yourself with a relaxing cup of tea or an article in a magazine. A simple reward to get you rejuvenated before tackling the next area.
  • 5.   De-clutter before cleaning: Cleaning is challenging enough but even worse if the area is cluttered.  Take a few moments and de-clutter each area before cleaning.  It will save you a ton of time while cleaning.
  • 6.   Use bins for organization: Buy a few bins that can be stored in a closet or under a bed to help organize those things that you don’t access often.  Have a few extra bins to organize items to be donated, thrown out, etc.
  • 7.   Play Music: It distracts you from the job in hand (especially if the job is cleaning the loo!) and you can enjoy the tunes as you make everything shiny and bright again!
  • 8.   Clean Each Room from Top to Bottom: Let gravity make the job easier by working with it! Start with the ceiling fans, crown molding and work down to the baseboard. 
  • 9.   Open the windows for fresh air: After being shut up inside for months, it is so refreshing to open the windows and have fresh air flowing through the house.

10. Design a daily cleaning schedule: Once you’ve done your complete spring cleaning, design a daily cleaning schedule to get small tasks done each day.  Little accomplishments each day will better ensure that all your hard spring cleaning work lasts year round.


Good Luck with your Spring Cleaning!!

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