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Posted on April 1, 2020

Refreshing your home for Spring

Categories: Tips, Trends, Upkeep

Hello, blooming flowers and longer days! Spring is the time to tidy and spruce up your home. You can refresh your home for spring with these four fun and easy ideas.

Update blankets and pillows.

Swap out heavy linens for light throw blankets made from cotton or other lightweight materials. Bright pillows can also add a tad of springtime flair to your rooms.

Brighten with plants.

There’s nothing like fresh flowers and plants to add some joyfulness to a space. Spring flowers can also help your home feel brighter and more open.

Bring in new scents.

This season brings with it lovely new scents like spring rain and fresh cut grass. Try adding similar scents to your home with candles or oil diffusers.

Refresh outdoor living spaces.

When it comes to refreshing your home for spring, don’t forget about the outdoors! If it’s been a while since you’ve been able to use your porch or back patio, you may need to do a bit of tidying up. Change out or wipe down any furniture seat covers that need some refreshing – this is another great area where bright patterns can be added for a touch of spring.

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