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Posted on April 14, 2021

Next Week is Take Your Child to Work Day

Categories: Educational

Most of us have either experienced or witnessed bring a child to work for the day.  Take your child to work day is officially the fourth Thursday of April every year.  But how did this even start and become what it is today.


In 1992 the Ms. Foundation for Women in New York created Take Your Daughter to Work Day.  The first celebration was April 22, 1993.  The program was created to specifically address self-esteem issues unique to girls which was created based on studies which showed that girls’ self-esteem and confidence dropped during the ages of 9-17.


Employees across the US and around the world today typically invite their own children or family members to join them at work for the day.  The program particularly encourages employees to invite children from residential programs or shelters who may not be exposed to many adults in skilled professions.


Start planning now if you are bringing your child to work with you.

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