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Posted on February 23, 2022

Location is Important but it is not Everything: 3 Things to Consider

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We’ve all heard the adage: “The three most important things to consider with real estate are location, location and location.” And while it is true that location is very important with real estate, there are other factors that should be considered when you build a new home—the type and style of home, how much customization you need/desire in the process and the integrity and reputation of the contractor.


Does the contractor you are considering have the expertise in building the type/style of home that you want? If you are building a log home at your hunting camp in the mountains you probably don’t want to use a builder that specializes in starter homes on ¼ acre lots in a tract development. If you are looking for a 2500 square foot two story home in a suburban development a production builder might be your best option. But if you want a home with a custom kitchen layout, a second floor loft overlooking a family room with a cathedral ceiling and stone fireplace sitting on two acres with a great yard and view then a custom builder would be a better choice.


How much customization do you need in your home? Some builders call themselves custom because they allow you to pick the color of your hardwood floor or carpet. But custom can go far beyond that. If you would like to increase the size of the family room, add a steam shower to the master bath, create a first floor in-law suite with its own private family room or any other change you can imagine then a true custom builder is your best option. Production builders allow you to make some selections which works well for people that don’t have unique requirements; while custom builders allow much more flexibility in the design, materials and selection process.  Custom builders also tend to spend more personal time getting to know each of their buyers to help ensure that the home meets the needs/wants of each buyer.


Probably the most important consideration is the integrity and reputation of the builder. Building a home is more than just a process—it is a relationship, especially when building a custom home. Do some research on the builder. How long have they been in business? Talk to previous customers. Would these customers use this builder again? Check with the Better Business Bureau. Do they have unresolved complaints or do they stand behind their product?  These are just a few of the many questions that should be asked prior to selecting your builder.


Building a new home can seem daunting but by carefully screening your builder you can help eliminate many of the potential problems that could arise.  It is very important to make sure that the builder you chose is the right fit for you.  Remember to choose a builder that has the expertise in building the type/style of home you want, has the customization level you desire, and has a reputation that supports them. 

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