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Posted on June 12, 2019

Lawn Mowing 101

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We’ve found some great lawn moving tips from our friends over at and wanted to share them with you! You can find the full article here (

Have you ever missed mowing your lawn due to rain, your schedule, or you just didn’t feel like it and the next time you mowed, set the mower deck a little bit lower to “give it a shorter trim so you didn’t have to cut it again anytime soon”? I’m guilty! I’ve done this multiple times, but was surprised to find that I’m actually doing myself a disservice as cutting your grass short actually causes you to have to mow sooner rather than later. This is because when you cut your grass too short, you actually damage the grass and weaken it, which in turn allows more weeds to grow.

We all know that weeds grow faster than grass, so I think you know where this is heading. Want to save hours of time, have a healthier lawn, and save money on fertilizer? Stop raking your lawn after you mow! Turns out, your grass clippings work to fertilize your grass and it’s best to leave them where they fall, as long as they aren’t clumping. To prevent clumping, mow so your clippings are spreading where you have already mowed.

Are you team spiral or team rows? Turns out many of us have some strong feelings on how grass “is suppose” to be mowed, but the important thing is that we are changing up the direction in which we are mowing our grass to ensure the grass grows straight and tall and doesn’t develop a serious case of the leans.

Who knew there were so many great ways to perfect your lawn moving? So, we want to hear, are you team spiral or team rows?

Happy Mowing!

~the Brennan's

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