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Posted on May 19, 2021

Landscaping tips for your new home

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When you’re planning your new home, you mainly focus on the structure and design, the interior and exterior details. You might have a vision of your new yard, but it doesn’t seem to rise up the priority list until the construction is well underway. Here are some landscaping tips for your new home so you can make progress on your curb appeal during the planning stages.

You want soil, not dirt.As your construction crew excavates your yard, what they’re unearthing is dirt. If you want a healthy lawn, you’ll need to add topsoil and amend it with compost to provide the nourishment for your budding grass.

Design your landscape like a decorator.A pleasing landscape is organized and thoughtfully designed. Look at the area surrounding the site of your new home. What would you like to achieve with your yard? Where do you want gardens—and what type (e.g., perennial, English country, vegetable)? What will your outdoor living space encompass—a patio, pergola, or outdoor kitchen, for example?

Think about your yard as your exterior living space. More than your patio, this space is comprised of areas where your kids will play, you will entertain, and even some spots for quiet reflection, like a sitting area by your garden or a hammock for those “ahh” moments. Create zones, much like you would with your open concept floor plan, so you have both function and flow.

Your landscape isn’t just lawn and gardens either. Think about the hardscaping—walkways and walls, fences, water features, and structures like pergolas and gazebos.

Evaluate your sunny and shady areas.If you’re maintaining mature trees, consider how you want to utilize the shade they provide. Also look at how the sun moves across your yard—morning and afternoon—so you can design your plantings in advance and choose those shrubs, flowers, and vegetation that will thrive in the environment.

Choose pet-friendly plants.If you have four-legged family members who will play outside, make sure you’re giving them a safe environment. Lilies, daffodil, and tulip bulbs, for example, are toxic plants to cats. Common flowers and shrubs, like begonia, burning bush, English ivy, hydrangea, and rhododendron can make your pets sick or cause severe harm. Check theASPCA’s listof toxic and non-toxic plants.

Plan short- and long-term projects.When the builder hands you the keys to your new home, it’s move-in ready. Don’t expect your landscape to follow suit. Instead, separate your vision into short-term projects, like sodding the yard and creating the gardens. The beauty of starting from almost nothing is the joy of watching everything grow and flourish! Your gardens will always be a work in progress, with new plantings every year.

In the long-term, think about your trees and shrubs, and even perennial gardens. You can’t rush Mother Nature, but you can anticipate how she works.

Create a season-by-season plan for your landscaping projects so you can stay on task and spend more time enjoying your yard than working on it.

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