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Posted on August 17, 2022

Getting ready for first day of school??

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Getting ready for first day of school?? 


Your kids or grandkids are probably getting ready to start back to school.  The first day of school is a big day for you and your kids.  Here are some tips to help the transition into school or back into the school year go as smoothly as possible.

·        Start adjusting your kids sleep schedule.  School is very different than summer vacation and getting your kids back into the routine is beneficial for everyone.

·        Figure out and practice your morning routine.  You don’t want your kids to be late or be running around stressed in the morning so plan and practice what your mornings are going to look like in advance.

·        Go shopping.  There are always school supplies that your kids need. These supplies obviously vary depending on age but every kid needs something to start back to school.

·        For kids just starting school or starting in a new school building, schedule a tour of the school.  This will help your kid feel more comfortable knowing where everything is.

·        Prepare the night before so that everything is out and ready to go to make the first day go smoother.

·        Sometimes the first day of school is harder on the parents or grandparents than on the kids themselves.  So make you prepare yourself as well.  Emotionally be ready.

Enjoy sending your kids to school or back to school and take a little time for yourself now.

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