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Posted on February 22, 2023

Find Mosquitoes Hiding in Your Home Before They Find You.

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Do you wake up with more bumps on your arms and legs than an alligator's back? Then it's time to declare war on the mosquitoes in your home. Most mosquitoes attack at night. Killing a few of the tiny bloodsuckers in the daytime isn't enough. Mosquito armies are waiting in the wings.

The best way to end your indoor mosquito problem is to target them in their hiding places.


First, know your enemy. Before you begin hunting mosquitoes in your house, here are some helpful facts about the tiny bloodsuckers.


       Only female mosquitoes crave blood which they need to develop their eggs.

       A female mosquito can produce up to 5,000 eggs in her one-month life span.

       Mosquitoes lay eggs in shallow water or on damp surfaces where eggs will sit until there’s just enough water to hatch.

       It takes about eight days for a mosquito to go from larvae to adulthood.   

       Mosquitoes don't see well. They use their incredible sense of smell to find water and you.


A Good Offence is the Best Mosquito Defense

Mosquitoes thrive in their natural habitat outdoors, and there's only so much you can do to stop them. But you can take precautions to prevent them from moving indoors.


       Seal openings or cracks around your windows and doors.

       Repair holes in door and window screens.

       Never leave entrances and garage doors open.

       Avoid placing mosquito-attracting plants, such as water lilies, near entrances.

       Keep your air conditioner drain clean and water-free.


Grab a flashlight and start hunting for the mosquitoes hiding in your home.



Mosquitoes are attracted by your warm breath, which they can sense from up to 150 feet away. The perfect time for mosquitoes to strike is while you're sleeping. And there's no better place to wait for you to fall asleep than under your bed where it's always dark.


Your relaxed breathing lures them out of hiding. Your exposed arms and legs are surefire targets. Mosquitoes are the real monsters under your bed. They also hide in closets, drawers, under furniture, behind doors, and even in carpets and rugs.


The Solution

Give mosquitoes fewer places to hide. Declutter your bedroom. Remove dirty clothes and linen promptly. Eliminate the hungry hordes under the bed with mosquito repellent sprays, following directions closely.


Laundry Room

Mosquitoes love the way humans smell, especially when you're sweaty. Your dirty laundry basket is an open invitation to mosquitoes looking for a place to hide. They cannot resist the bacteria in your sweat-scented clothing and linen. They can quickly take advantage of dampness in your laundry room to lay their eggs. A few drops of standing water can lead to new generations of mosquitoes in just days.


The Solution

Do your laundry promptly. Don't leave sweaty or dirty clothing and linens unattended for even a short time. Empty and scrub water basins, buckets, and sinks. Keep the area around the washer and dryer clean and dry.



Bathroom & Kitchen Drain

A mosquito infestation can start in a clogged drainpipe. The area underneath your bathroom or kitchen sink is a mosquito's dream home. With enough darkness for hiding and dampness for breeding, it's their safe place after a blood feast.   


The Solution

Clear out mosquito-infested drains by pouring baking soda and vinegar, then flush with hot water. Check often for leaks or standing water. Keep towels and sponges clean and dry.  



Potted Plants & Flowers

Mosquitoes instinctively gravitate towards your indoor plants. Dense potted plants make hiding easy, and the moist soil is prepped for their eggs. The water in fresh-cut flowers is a female mosquito magnet.


The Solution

You don't need to banish plants and fresh-cut flowers from your home. Drain and clean plant saucers thoroughly before they become a mosquito nursery. Refresh water vases often.  


Not all plants are mosquito-friendly. Mosquitoes hate the smell of basil, thyme, rosemary, or sage. Start an indoor herb garden, and they will be highly offended. They'll find it even more repelling when you crush the leaves to release the oils.


Mosquito Proof Your Home  

Your home can be a mosquito-free zone. Examine their favorite hide-outs often. Keep dark areas clean and dry. Be on the lookout for standing water. Wipe away moisture around your air conditioner and discard water in air humidifiers.


Turn the mosquitoes' smelling superpower against them. Bring in all the scents they hate, such as lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, camphor—place oil-scented sachets or containers in drawers, closets, and under furniture. 


To find the mosquitoes hiding in your home you need to think like a mosquito. If not, could wake up looking like an alligator. 

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