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Posted on June 8, 2022

Design ideas for kids’ rooms

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Design ideas for kids’ rooms

A child’s room is probably the most creative, comfy, happy space in your home. But designing something fun can be hard work. Where do you start? Here are some design ideas for kids’ rooms to bring out your interior decorator.

1.   Pick the theme.Start with a theme that will excite your child and make him or her want to spend time in this personal space. Your child has a favorite character or color, or maybe a very special toy. Think about building the interior décor around that idea. If you have a sports fanatic, think about adding a score board wall decal and a metal locker. For the animal lover, create jungle, with wall murals, and intertwined vines instead of curtain rods.

2.   Choose your palette.Once you have your theme, build a color palette for the room. Go through magazines to look for pairings that appeal to you and your child. Don’t go crazy; keep your choices to three colors that work well together. The main color should have more emphasis, while the other two will accent it, in accessories, trim, wall treatment, and floor covering. If you’re opting for paint on the walls, before you spend $40 on a color that looks great in the store, invest a little money in samples of various shades (about $3 each). Try them out on the walls where you can see how they will look in the room, with the actual light shining there at different times of the day.

3.   Find the furniture.It’s tempting to fill a child’s room with fun and funky furniture, but you have to ask yourself, “How long before this becomes too young for my child?” Instead, look for more conventional pieces and go wild with the accents (bedding, rugs, wall art, light fixtures). Look at yard sales, both in your area and online. Facebook is filled with online yard and garage sales where you can buy furniture for a fraction of the retail price.

4.   Make it functional.Kids’ rooms inevitably overflow with toys, books, clothes, and other items that will be strewn around. You can save yourself some headaches by creating storage spaces where these pieces can be easily stashed. A bed with drawers underneath is a great way to use this space for something other than dust bunnies and wandering socks that are missing their mates. Use the vertical space by mounting shelves, and install a closet organizer system with racks, shelves, and cubbies. Then stand back and hope your kids will actually store their stuff in the storage space provided.

5.   Add the accents.Here’s where you have fun. Pillows, throws, light fixtures, wall decals, rugs, mobiles, and more will add the final touches that create the signature style of the room. You can find creative light fixtures that complement your theme, and use strings of lights to add more fun to the mood.

6.   Inspire.Your child’s room is a haven. It’s a place to play as well as rest. Create a space that also inspires them. Set up an easel for drawing and painting. Use chalk paint on one wall where your child can express thoughts, do homework, and play games with friends. Paint the ceiling to look like the night sky so they can gaze at the stars while they drift off to sleep. Use stencils or wall decals to put encouraging words on the walls. Mount a bulletin board or cork board where they can post their favorite photos or other keepsakes without marking up the walls.

The most important aspect of decorating a child’s room is that it is tailored to your child. Make it special, as unique as your little one. Include your child in the decorating process so they feel a part of the makeover. You might not agree with the choices, but after all, whose room is it anyway?

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